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Explore Argegno

Explore Argegno at your leisure, relax in the lakeside cafe's, drink a glass of local Italian wine, absorb the history and elegance.

Then travel by ferry, dine on sumptuous Italian food and be amazed by the spectacular scenery!

Argegno Church
Argegno - Get Away from it all!

A popular destination for tourists, Argegno is becoming more popular due to its convenient location between Menaggio and Cernobbio and access over the mountain to Lugano. Argegno is situated in a large inlet, at the mouth of the Val d'Intelvi, on the western shore of Lake Como,

Argegno like the rest of Lake Como has an enduring holiday climate, being generally mild in the winter months. Argegno has a good vantage point especially from the promontory and lake side from were there are views over to Bellagio to the north and as far as Nesso towards the south. The village is of Roman origin and owes its name to the consul Publio Cesio Archigene.

Ancient Argegno

Many of the Lake Como and lake side towns had fortification and defensive positions depending on which feudal element was in charge at that time. Argegno was part of a defensive system, which extended as far as the ancient villa of Lenno and the Isola Comacina to repel their enemies. The centre of the village, as you may imagine is very old and certainly picturesque. The town is crossed by the Telo river (late winter) or stream (summer) and is divided into two parts, which are joined by an old stone bridge with a arch.

Many people visit the Sanctuary of Sant'Anna which was built in the seventeenth century and subsequently renovated. Inside this old church is stucco work and frescoes from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The Oratory of San Rocco in Pigra from the fifteenth century also contains frescoes from 1662 signed by S. Pozzi.Coveniently from Argegno it is possible to take a cable car up to Mt. Pigra (height: - 881 mts), which is actually a decent sized plateau on that enjoys spectacular views of the lake. From here, it is possible to trek to the Valle della Camoggia, part of the Argegno-Cima della Duaria conservation area.


Argegno has a population of approximately 700 people an covers about 5sqkm. Argegno relies on a number of small service industries and tourism to support its infrastructure. There are about 300 families and therefore like many small towns, many people know each other and their business!

The City Hall is located in Via Valle Intelvi 5 : Phone ++39 031-821120, fax ++39 031-821977

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